Jenna’s work is an interpretation of people’s everyday movements, reduced to an exploration of two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. The pieces are created with the notion of displacement and variation based on the context in which they are presented. Each display and platform for the work allows for a unique reconstruction of the same elements. In this process, Jenna emphasizes the “journey.”

Jenna’s forms have many variations but generally share a commonality. In constructing these abstract forms, she evaluates life’s challenges and restrictions, therefore exploring the balance between choice and limitations. She impose clear restrictions on herself in the preliminary stages of her production, and synthesize her designs with materials such as MDF, hand dyed resins and paint.

These initial constraints she enforces on her work enables her to push toward other possible avenues that arrive towards the finishing stages. The final product of Jenna’s work is quite indiscernible in comparison to where she began, for it is in constant evolution.

Jenna’s work represents change; nothing is stagnant.

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