Here’s What You Should Know About Contemporary Wall Sculpture


Kaiser Suidan, ​Large Ceramic Cubes, ​Mixed Media Ceramic, Dimensions Variable (5.5′′ x 5.5′′ each)

What Is Contemporary Wall Sculpture?

Sculpture in the contemporary art world is as diverse in the process as it is in materials, continually pushing the boundaries of possibility. Today’s artists range from using innovative materials and computer-aided design to upholding traditional or classical methods and materials often mixing the two in their processes.


They can create sculpture in the ​round or free-standing such as statues and relief sculpture or ​wall sculpture​ as it is so often classified today by the degree of projection from the wall into low or high relief. ​Stone, ceramic,  metal bronze casting, steel, and wood are just a few of the ​many diverse materials. Painting techniques including ​tempera​, ​oil painting​, ​gilding​, house paint, aerosol, enamel and sandblasting land since the 1960s, ​acrylics​ and other plastics have been used.
Kaiser Suidan, ​Large Ceramic Jacks, ​Mixed Media Ceramic, Dimensions Variable

How Was Contemporary Wall Sculpture Used Throughout Art History?

In art history, ​Pablo Picasso​’s sculptures included ​bicycle​ parts. ​Alexander Calder​ and other modernists made spectacular use of painted ​steel​. ​Andy Goldsworthy​ made his unusually ephemeral sculptures from almost entirely natural materials in natural settings.

How Are Today’s Artists Using Contemporary Wall Sculpture?

Today artists such as ​Kaiser Suidan create exciting commercial and residential installations and wall sculptures. ​Utilizing traditional techniques of mold-making, clay, and ceramic glaze combined with geometry, colors that pop and decal work, his ability to merge 2-D elements of pattern and repetition with his 3-D relief giving way to a unique presentation on the wall.


In his artist statement, he explains; “My recent work is a study in order and structure, based on the simplest of geometric forms. There is a great deal of freedom involved in the imposition of strict rules – within the structure of the grid, the confines of the cube, spheres, and jacks. There is the possibility of endless variation. I address the ordered system of a grid through the play of opposite words and color schemes, which give way to the free expression of sensuality, movement, and energy.”
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