About Adam Collier Noel

Adam Collier Noel graduated in 2002 from Herron School of Art & Design, Indiana University where he received his bachelor of fine arts degree in photography. Throughout his education he worked to combine diverse materials and techniques with various photographic processes.

The subject matter incorporated into the artwork often is appropriated from his extensive collection of one-of-a-kind antique daguerreotypes and mid-century snapshots. Each photograph in his acquisition is chosen because of its ability to simultaneously mirror intimate and universal facets of the human experience.

“In a day and age when we are constantly being bombarded with immeasurable amounts of new imagery, I have chosen to create new art forms using vintage photographs that have been forgotten, lost or disregarded. This ambiguous, yet familiar collection of snapshots I have assembled traverses universal cultural themes such as nature, science, history and the physical form. My photography-based mixed media artwork relies heavily on the appropriation of these found images and their relationship to the contemporary world through the lens of popular culture.” –Adam Collier Noel

About Adam’s Process

Employing a combination of technological and traditional processes in his paper-based creations gives Adam Collier Noel the opportunity to reinterpret the original history of the found image through an enhanced narrative. His inspiration is derived from the meaning inherent in the found images, as well as the materials with which he pairs them.

Blueprints, letters of correspondence, receipts, book pages, etc. are often layered with the photographs to reflect the importance of paper as a record of human history and a place where ideas are written and discoveries are documented. Building upon the rich history of the image creates a transcendence of time and a revitalization of the past

“Much of my work is about optics, ways of seeing and the grand tradition of photography. By appropriating and repurposing found images aI give them a new life and a new narrative. I have often expressed that I may not necessarily be the photographer of these relics, but through my artistic interpretation I feel I am their curator.”

Adam Collier Noel is currently working from his studio in south Florida and exhibiting in galleries in Indianapolis, Fort Lauderdale, Provincetown, Key West and Calgary.



Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 72 “


Mixed Media on Canvas 36.5″ x 65″


Mixed Media Collage on Canvas 40″ x 30″


ed Media on Panel
48″ x 96″


Acrylic on Canvas 36″ x 66″


Mixed media collage on canvas 36″ x 60″

Sea Glass

Mixed Media on Canvas 36″ x 72″ SOLD

Sea Glass

Acrylic on Canvas 50″ x 52″ SOLD


Acrylic on Canvas 40″ x 60″