Alex Kveton – Artist Interview

Center of Gravity, 30″ height

What made you decide to produce art or become an artist?

From an early age I liked to draw. My parents supported my passion and enrolled me in the Schools of Fine Arts for young children. After graduating from high school my father insisted

on me to study a trade. Of course, I wasn’t very happy about, but as it later proved, it was a very

good decision. An engineering school gave me a technical expertise to master a metal fabrication

with all processes involved, an excellent basis for my further studies at the Academy of Art.

Stela, 90″ height

How does the creative process work for you on a daily basis?

I have been a professional sculptor for more than 4 decades. The more I create, the more ideas come to my mind.  I’m constantly finding new inspirations around me. I am in my studio every day, sketching, drawing, building a cardboard models and most of all, I am constantly sculpting, fabricating my new creations directly in metal.

What has influenced or inspired you most?

I find inspiration everywhere around me. But I prefer the old masters, before most of today’s art, which in my perception lacks any sense and knowledge of fine craft.

Gemini, 45″ height


Which medium do you favor and why?

My favorite medium is metal. Bronze, material used by sculptors for thousand years. I like its warm colors, and the opportunity to use a wide range of color patina, to shape curves and enhance sculpture form, in the last step of its creation. Stainless steel; it is amazing to see how sculpture made of polished stainless steel, adopts the characteristics of its surrounding and changes its appearance according to changes of light, colors and textures.

Please comment on the subject, content or significance of your images.

Any subject that inspires me may find a rendition in my new sculpture. I create representational and non-representational work. I use a unique technique of fabricating directly from a sheet of metal. I highly concentrate on a precise work, fine craftsmanship and perfect smooth finishes. I do not force metal into shapes that are not natural. I try to feel it in my hands and only gently help it, to reveal its natural beauty.

Waltz, 45″ height

What have been the highlights of your career?

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, I have immediately begun a very successful career of a professional artist, and I created several large scale public commissions.

In New York it was the opportunity to meet many world renowned sculptors and work with them. But the most important highlight of my carrier was, when I met my beautiful, young wife Barbara, who happened to be not just a great muse, but also a tremendous supporter of my art and my artistic carrier.

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