For Miami-bred artist Alex Nuñez, the world is her giant canvas and her creations are mere portals into other, wild realms. Though Nuñez has lived and studied in Florence, Barcelona, New Orleans, Boston, and even New York City, she still has Miami on her mind. The artist sees her artwork as a way to pay homage to her home city, and her Cuban-American roots are a constant source of inspiration.

“I combine intricate, abstract mark-making with pop culture imagery to create immersive environments. My work is rooted in the tension between delicate line work, and a spontaneous staining method of dense pools of acrylic paint combined with glitter and confetti. A trail is formed of personal hieroglyphics, mimicking nature. The forms echo natural landscapes yet intersect and combine to form linear combinations that resemble cartography.

Whatever is in the studio ends up on canvas in some way, shape or form… confetti, glitter, wax, espresso, chalk pastels, paint, tequila, glue, rocks, [etc.]. I alternate the works from wall to floor, working on several pieces at a time. There are footprints all over each piece, which are the result of running back and forth between each work.

Each piece becomes a buildup of day-to-day life; the photos and objects that are found become transformed in a new space.”



Say When

Acrylic, Ink and Pastel on Canvas 85″ x 94″ SOLD

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