Painting comes in easy way — one trifle meets a trick, a Rube Goldberg machine starts a chain reaction, like a reaction on some vaccine, and it goes on and on. So I’m starting to realize that if I’ll change something once again, then I get a brand new work, for which, perhaps, I already have a new meaning and new canvas. This mechanism runs by my presence — a common story for all the artists. But still it all has a great meaning — the smell, the sound, the state, the color of the walls, the air — and when all this substances focus on me, the work emerges, lives, breathes.

Buy a painting of a bare human's back called Circle


Oil on Canvas 47″ x 29.5″
Buy a print of a female dancer called Dance

Dance I

Oil on Canvas 59″ x 31.5″
Buy a print of dancing waters called Fountains


Oil on Canvas 55″ x 59″ triptych


Oil on Canvas 47″ x 62.5″ SOLD
Buy a print of a girl in a green dress called Lilit


Oil on Canvas 55″ x 35″


Oil on Canvas 57″ x 73″ SOLD