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Boca Grande MAC Fine Art 

Boca Grande Mac Art was awarded the “Best Gallery in Florida 2020” from American Art Awards. Our galleries have over 100 internationally recognized artists’ work to exhibit and display. These artists are chosen based on Mary Ann Cohen (MAC) and her team of experts. We remodeled our exhibition locations to reflect and enhance the style of art. At MAC, we focus on the best views, lighting, and locations of different art pieces featuring a wide variety of mediums.

The style of art is not limited, so at MAC we have sourced the most diverse art collections in Florida. These collections include paintings, photography, glass, sculptures, and installations. MAC does personalization and in-home displays to use our expertise and skills based on what our client wants from the artist or the style of artwork that fits their aesthetic. We provide different styles, artists, and exhibitions that are spotlighted at the galleries throughout the year and during special events. 

There are no limitations to what we can provide in the art world. MAC and our team of experts have different locations to provide all the different art options and the expertise in the area. With many locations convenient to Boca Grande, you can check out our galleries for yourself and immerse yourself in our expertly curated collection.

Providing Boca Grande with Work from Well Known Artists

Here are some examples of the different styles and artists’ work that are available at MAC art. There are many original artists’ works available in different locations. Here are some well-known unique artists and sculptures that have projects in the Boca Grande.

  • Bette Ridgeway has two very successful projects, the Deep Purple and the Echoes of Love. Both of which are acrylic on canvas that were sold and then were placed in storage by MAC until the purchaser was ready. Once the purchaser contacted MAC and said the home was completed overlooking the beach, MAC framed and installed the pieces in the waterfront home. Bette Ridgeway has more beautiful, successful artworks including Synchronicity Art and Flying Dreams.
  • John La Huis has a unique style of work. The addition and subtraction may continuously adjust colors that are started with on his canvas to make a totally different hue or color for balance. He does work that is sculptural using mass and dimensions for many styles of drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpturing, in the styles of abstract, cube, fauna, flora, home-series, and more.
  • Thor & Jennifer Bueno work with glass using traditional hot techniques, including an oven for extreme heating. When using stones, they blow the glass until it is in the desired form and are then placed in the oven overnight and then for Riverstone pieces; they sandblast and then seal for a smooth finish. Thor & Jennifer work with sliver, which appears more metallic and is more laborious for precision and lacquer sealed by hand and they each have their solo projects.

Our Art Gallery Locations Near Boca Grande

Mac Art Galleries has different locations available. Each of our locations has its own style of sales and service, along with different types of art. However, they all have the final MAC and team of experts’ approval, along with specific guidelines to follow. Here are the individualized galleries for the unique collections of vibrant artwork and contemporary artists.  

  • MAC Art Galleries – Fort Lauderdale – This 12,000 sq. ft. largest exhibition is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is a state-of-the-art Giclee studio that maintains an in-house Multimedia Department.  However, it also has a unique digital photography studio. It is a large-scale space that is used for private collectors, art professionals, frequent art exhibitions, and many other fine art and publishing project requests.
  • MAC Art Galleries -Juniper – This is a gallery for the online shopper that knows what they want or the new art shopper that would like to look around and see and learn before they make a purchase. Juniper gallery has South Florida’s largest exhibition space and the privilege of MAC selection, placement, and taste of fine artwork for home and business design. Look around online and know that this state-of-the-art photography comes with customer framing, shipping, and art curatorial services.
  • Curated. By MAC Art – E-Commerce Headquarters – With over 35 years of Fine Art experience and the many awards won on the global level, our expert curators have put together a curated selection for sophisticated home and office decorating. There are nationally and internationally known fine artists using contemporary materials and styles to provide sophistication, taste, and drama while showcasing their talent. Our team will do the time-consuming work of curation, global shipping, along with performing any advising and consultation. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee for each purchase.
  • MAC Art Galleries at Galerie Ground – Plaster is a different form of art that is not as well known, but the form of it that is known at the Galerie Ground.  However, don’t think of countertop decorations, there are entire walls that can come from Venetian plaster. There are different styles of furniture displayed, and an assortment of semi-abstract figures. This galley is a new home for high-end art commissions and now artists that are developing in the different art world of plaster.

Florida is one of the best areas to find the collections of the best artists and see their creativity provided by MAC and the team of experts. There are 10 different Florida areas now and there are more coming, such as the soon to open Delray location. However, don’t think that makes for limitations because we have a MAC Art Gallery in Los Angeles, California, too.

Take this opportunity to use the 20 years of experience MAC has and use it to your advantage. MAC will transform your surroundings into what is desired based on the space and chosen limitations that you specify. The best collection of galleries, designers, dealers, architects & consultants, and their creations are available at MAC. Call or email the MAC and the experts at (954) 990-5420 or and get started on getting the art that you want where you want it.