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MAC Fine Art | Serving the Boca Raton Area

When you want to purchase fine art for your home or your business, you know that MAC Art Galleries can help get you connected with the perfect unique art pieces for your needs. We offer detailed information on our website for each work of art and each artist that we partner with, or you are always welcome to stop into one of our galleries and browse in person.

We will help you to find the perfect piece of fine art that you need to complete your collection or show off a room in your home. If you fall in love with an item that you see online, call us and we can set up an appointment for you to see it in person right away.

In-Person Visits to Your Boca Raton Home or Business

If you are not sure if the piece of art that just caught your eye will work with your current décor, we can bring it to your home or your business so that you can see how it will look. Not many other galleries would do this for clients, but we take pride in delivering an excellent customer service experience that goes above and beyond.

We will be happy to bring the art in question to your home or your business so that you can see how it looks with your existing style choices. If you are not 100% in love with your choice, we will be happy to work with you to find the right fit for your aesthetic and your sense of style.

We know that it can be hard to tell if a work of art will fit into your home when you are shopping in a gallery, and we believe that offering to bring our works of art to your home or business for you to see them in their potential new home is important. We strive to make sure that our clients are always happy with their purchases and never have any regrets about adding a piece of fine art to their home or office that they bought with our help.

How can MAC Fine Art Help you to Create the Perfect Art Collection?

Maybe you aren’t sure what the perfect look for your Boca Raton business or home is. You might be wondering if you should pick a single art style and stick with that, or if you can blend different kinds of art for a cohesive art experience.

We are experts at displaying art and we can offer you the right advice to develop your collection so that it is beautiful and noteworthy to everyone who sees it. We will come to your home and help you to test out the pieces that caught your eye or we can bring suggestions that we think meet your taste.

If you don’t love the art we bring to the first appointment we can regroup and bring another set of art pieces to your location. We will work with you until we find the perfect selection of art for your needs. At MAC Fine Art, we work hard to make sure that you are blown away by every purchase that you make at our galleries.

Where Does Our Boca Raton Art Come From?

Our unique art is always sourced from our huge, 12,000 square foot warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This location is the biggest art exhibition space in all of South Florida and it has been open for 20 years. We are passionate about what we do and we carry that passion into discovering new artists and sharing unique expressions of art with our clients.

There are many talented artists right in the Boca Raton area and we work with these talented creators as well as sourcing pieces from around the United States and beyond. We believe in displaying and selling unique and special fine art that you cannot find anywhere else. We take pride in our wide variety of styles of art that our clients can pick and choose from.

If you have questions about the items that are available in other galleries or if you have seen a piece at another location and want to purchase it in Boca Raton, we can help! We will make sure that we get you connected with the art that you have always wanted to hang in your home.

What Services Can You Get With MAC Fine Art?

MAC Art Galleries are known throughout the industry for our attention to detail and our skill and taste in selections of unique pieces as well as traditional styles. We offer personalized curatorial services as well as decorating assistance and help with purchasing.

At our Jupiter facility, we take amazing photos, do custom framing, and ship art to many other parts of the country. We know that we can get you the work of art that you have always wanted or find you the perfect art display items for your home or business. All of our personalized services are available to our customers at any time.

If you need paintings, statues, art installations, or photo art, we can find the perfect fine art for your needs. There are not many other galleries that offer a full range of art types and styles like we do. This is one of our key values to our clients.

Contact Us for Your Next Fine Art Purchase

We are always available to our customers when they need help locating a certain piece of art, planning an art display, or finding new and exciting artists whose work they have never seen before. We know that your next favorite piece of art is in our warehouse or our galleries and we can offer a huge selection of different styles of art for your needs.

Contact us today to ask about our available pieces of fine art or shop on our website. We are always excited to work with our clients to locate the perfect piece of art to make your home or business feel special and personalized with pride.