Artist Spotlight: René Romero Schuler

Artwork Archive artist René Romero Schuler often finds herself coming back to a piece of wisdom she received many years ago from author Deepak Chopra:  “We are all spiritual beings in rented bodies. This body is a blessing, but is temporary.  Only the spirit endures.”

You can see in the way that René paints that she gets to the core of this. Her work is at once deeply personal and spiritual—without giving her figures any defining characteristics. Each body can represent anyone: you, me, René herself … and in that, her work connects us all on a basic level. René strips her figures from the features that we usually use as benchmarks for making snap judgments about each other and leaves them with only their absolute essentials.

While René has gained success and recognition around the nation and world for her work, it hasn’t always come naturally.

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Find out how René overcame her preference for studio solitude, and gained massive gallery representation.

My approach to every piece that I create is to first start with a color palette that fits my general mood in that initial moment. From that stage, I apply several additional layers of color, movement and texture. Every part of how I create a piece is a very deliberate attempt to transfer my energy and emotion, or the energy of whom or what I am channeling.

The issues of human nature are completely universal. We are all imperfect, flawed, and supremely individual; and I strive to convey every part of human frailty, and innate beauty, in every piece I create.


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