ARTIST TOUR | James Leonard

First Glance by James Leonard 

James Leonard 

Leonard believes in being a non imposing artist. He understands for the most enchanting pieces to be brought to life he has to work from the inside out and allow the painting to be an individual. Every canvas has its own personality so to speak. Like Marshall Crossman, Leonard is more than prepared to let the work lead. 

What makes his work so mind bending is, he uses a palette knife to manipulate the paint. The use of the knife is like history in the making. As he puts it, the layering action essentially creates a time lapse or history between him,the paint, and the canvas. He likes for his work to show an aged sort of repainted look. This way,you are able to see the evolution of the piece between the color and layers. 

The Sands of Time is truly a presentation of time both lost and gained as it squeezes through events and people. Leonard can only create such fluid and unencumbered works by allowing the paint and canvas to breathe its own air and breath, to the rhythm of its own consciousness.

“…That requires all the skills of listening, allowing, learning to quiet that part of our mind that is constantly telling us how things should be. For me, that’s the essence of creativity.” –James Leonard


Acrylic on Canvas 36″ x 72″
Buy a painting of vertical lines called Swimming


Acrylic on Panel 36″ x 36″