There is nothing better than walking into a beautifully furnished home with empty walls ready for artwork. Fava Design Group created a sophisticated space perfect for compelling pieces from MAC’s top artists.

A variety of sculpture, from glass to stainless steel were placed in the living room on two floating, lighted shelves. The client chose colorful glass by Leon Applebaum, an intricate metal figure by Nimrod Messeg, and two high-end stainless steel sculptures by Alex Kveton.

An intimate yet impactful signed Salvador Dali lithograph was selected for the entry, setting the tone for the entire home. 

Alone Again, a figurative piece by Jason Myers and whimsical ceramic jacks installation by Kaiser Suidan were installed in the guest bedroom. 

The monumental, graphic powder coated red bronze sculpture by artist Miki Gutierrez was a favorite piece of our designer and client, but the bright color didn’t not fit into the soothing space. MAC’s team jumped into action and had the sculpture stripped and repainted a soft pearl white with a new custom black marble base added. The most rewarding experience we have as a gallery is completing a newly renovated space with stunning artwork.

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