I am always looking to maintain that dynamic balance of overpowering force and serene calm that one feels in the presence of the ocean. For me, the key to capturing that moment in the art, is to find a calming, rhythmic movement in the surface of the water and translate that with impasto use of beeswax.  My goal is to find the movement and energies hidden in the water and bring them to the surface. Finally, the thick UV resin resonates with water to enhance its glass-like qualities.

Ben Hecht is a Southern California based artist.  His artwork has been shown publicly since 1994.  Hecht’s work is focused on mixed media encaustic -(beeswax) combined with his original landscape photography of nature, primarily aerial views of the ocean.  Hecht often employs professional drones to achieve a unique perspective on his subject. Hecht’s work is in the permanent collection of a variety of important collectors, with a particular emphasis on corporate placement.  His work is on display in galleries in Los Angeles, Miami, La Jolla, Whistler, BC and several other locations around the world.

Aqua Litus 8

Mixed Media Encaustic on Panel 80″ x 44″ SOLD