Bill Gingles

Bill Gingles

About Bill Gingles

Bill Gingles was born in Louisiana in 1958, leaving at the age of five, returning when he was thirty.  Gingles lived in different parts of the United States while growing up and began showing his work in Denver in 1983. Eventually, he could not resist the urge to return to the south.  He lives and works in Shreveport.

Painting is a moving balance between controlling the painting and allowing it to lead the way. The magic is in finding a way to let go.”

Bill’s Solo Exhibitions

2015 Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA: Pieces From Thirty Years

2008 Robert Hughes Gallery, San Antonio, TX

2007 Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery, Chicago, IL

2007 Amy Baber Fine Art, Shreveport, LA

2002 Koelsch Gallery, Houston, TX

1999 Wyndy Morehead Fine Arts, New Orleans, LA

1998 Taylors’ Contemporanea Fine Arts, Hot Springs National Park, AR

1996 Casa d’ Arte, Shreveport, LA

1992 The Fountainhead Gallery, Houston, TX

1990 The Fountainhead Gallery, Houston, TX

1990 Turner Art Center, Centenary College, Shreveport, LA

1989 Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO



Acrylic on Canvas 40″ x 52″


Acrylic on Canvas 24″ x 30″



Acrylic on Canvas 20″ x 29.5″ SOLD

Hard Rain

Acrylic on Canvas 36″ x 48″ SOLD

Wish Pond

Acrylic on Canvas 48″ x 60″ SOLD

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