combining artwork styles

Blending artwork styles for an impressive display


blending artwork styles

CURATED MAC Client Installations 

Fine art is probably the one entity that plays well with others, no question. 

In fact, art plays so well with styles different from itself you’ll be remiss if you disallow this fusion relationship. 

When different art styles come together legendary artists have been born and iconic displays birthed. 

Merging art styles happens in the same way we make new friends. 

Power forward and I’ll explain in more detail how to make a display pop without popping a blood vessel. 

Common ground breeds new creative spaces when combining styles of art

combining artwork styles

CURATED MAC Client Installations

What’s the first rule of making new buddies? It’s not official and is definitely unwritten… but innately as human beings when we want to build connections we are looking for similarities. 

When you’re feeling brave and putting yourself out there and you like sneakers, for instance, you’re more likely to break the ice by complimenting someone’s shoes. 

Maybe you’re in love with mustard yellow so no matter what article of clothing someone has on if it’s yellow you’re drawn to them and you’re vocalizing your adoration of their bold color choices. 

Building a take-your-breath-away art display works in the same way. You want to find what the multiple styles have in common. 

Are you looking to make a room fluid, feminine, and tranquil?

Whether the pieces you are playing with are sculpture, mix-media, acrylic, or glass you may be called towards blue elements or round and flexible moments in the pieces that pull you towards a feeling of inner peace and softness. 

The works may not share common colors but they may simply have the energy you’re seeking. You can even test your theory on friends, family, or colleagues. If the survey says that reflection bubbles to the surface for most onlookers, the blend may work well for the display. 

Another, less abstract way of forming displays that will shift perspective and silence all the critics, is to theme the artwork styles. 

For instance, you want an adventurous travel theme and have gathered works from different parts of the world you’ve visited. The items can all depict the nature of travel. Or if you want to show off the human form in dance, the artwork can display the flexibility and in contrast the rigidity of the human form with the blend of styles chosen.

Artwork styles and themes that work together

Here are some examples of themed displays pulled from multiple artwork styles:

Peace of Mind

mixing and matching artwork styles

Serene by Mary Pat Wallen

combine artwork styles

Sunlit Waves by Elena Bond

putting different artwork styles together

 Douce folie by Melanie Giguere