Art print

What are Fine Art Prints?

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Changes in Great Masterpieces Persistence de la Memoire by Salvador Dali Collection Fine art prints are created to be as close to the original as possible. The general understanding is that they…
Fine art trends

9 Fine art trends in 2020

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And nothing was the same Photo by Stephan Henning on Unsplash 2020 fine art trends call for a new era and mobility of art. Gone are the days when art lovers or…
Fine Art Studio

How to set up your fine art studio

Creating the ideal space where you can transform yellow spots into suns Photo by The Digital Marketing Collaboration on Unsplash Your fine art studio ought to be the place that transforms you,…
Contemporary fine art

What is contemporary fine art culture?

The 7 disciplines of fine art: “art for art’s sake” To define contemporary fine art culture is first to define culture. Culture is how societies inform their lives via specific…
Reasons why fine art is important

Reasons Why Fine Art is Important

Why is art important? From a very early age, you have enjoyed art without really knowing it.  From the Calder-inspired mobile above your childhood crib to sand castles you created…

MAC Featured in Fort Lauderdale Illustrated

Fort Lauderdale Illustrated’s latest issue focuses on The Arts and features an interview with Mary Ann Cohen detailing her background and an inside look into the gallery. Check out the…