Chris Hill was born and raised in South Florida. Even as a child he leaned towards the creative end of the spectrum, often choosing to express himself through drawing, painting and reconstructing items. Chris continued to blossom as an artist in his adolescence. With the encouragement of his supportive family, he attended Jacksonville State University where he pursued his education in the fine arts. Soon after, he entered the fine art field as a professional artist. When asked when he first knew he wanted to be an artist, Hill replied: …

“At no time can I pin-point when I became an artist or made a conscious decision to become one. Creating things has been a part of me as far back as I can recall and visual communication has always been a bridge for me to connect with people.”

His art is actively collected on both the private and corporate level. One of his earliest and largest commissions was for Motorola, North America, where he was given a tour of the campus and asked to create a large number of mixed-media works. Other notable corporations have included Chris Hill’s work into their portfolios such as Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Comerica and First Union — to name a few. His artworks are currently shown in galleries in the United States and Canada. His color use can be best described as timeless.

He currently resides in South Florida with his wife Rosa and two children Gabriel and Mikaela, where he maintains an active studio.


Axis 001

Mixed Media on Acrylic Panel 24″ Diameter SOLD

Axis 002

Mixed Media on Acrylic Panel 24″ Diameter SOLD

Axis 003

Mixed Media on Acrylic Panel 24″ Diameter SOLD