Christopher Jeffries unique style and distinct designs reflect the hand of a dedicated, passionate and master craftsman. Through extensive international education and experience with some of today’s most inventive and renowned glass artists, Christopher is able to innovate and execute amazing glass creations for enthusiasts and private collectors internationally.

After graduating from Chico State University with a degree in Fine Art, Christopher continued on to study sculpture and design at Lorenzo De Medici in Florence, Italy. Following his true passion of glassblowing, Christopher traveled throughout North America to different established schools working with professional artists of the highest caliber. Christopher’s desire for more knowledge and skill led him to the Czech Republic, a country known for their rich traditions in hand blown glass art.

Through an apprenticeship with master glassblower Igor Muller, Christopher acquired the fine techniques and designs that inspired his career. His diversity of experiences and skill soon earned the recognition of Dale Chihuly, with an apprenticeship at the prestigious Boat House in Seattle, Washington. Most recently Christopher was honored with the opportunity to teach at the historic Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Christopher and his wife, Jitka currently live in Laguna Beach, California. His inspirations are generated from the simplest of human interactions, every moment is an experience ripe with material for his art. Through his company, Jeffries Glass, Christopher continues to produce radiant and alluring glass art that satisfy the desires of individuals, galleries, hotels, businesses and museums throughout the world.