Colorful Fine art Glass Sculptures and Studio Glass

The Studio Glass movement, began in 1962 with its emphasis on the artist as a designer and maker of one-of-a-kind objects, in a small studio environment. This allowed for sharing of technical knowledge and ideas among artists, designers & teachers that would not be possible in the industry. Artworks created during the 1960s and 1970s were not purely functional, rather the artworks were better described as glass sculpture that used the language of function but without any other purpose than visual delight. 


Despite the focus on creativity and aesthetics over functionality, the Studio Glass Movement artists still looked to the past; they employed historic methods of glass making such as blown glass, cold glass, and stained glass techniques but that would be difficult to replicate on any assembly line or be reminiscent of any pre-industrial times. Contemporary glass artist now use a variety of techniques in one piece, using hot processes like glass casting, glass beadmaking , glass fusing or blowing with cold processes at room temperature which include sandblasting, bonding, and grinding. 

Fine Art Glass Sculptures

And Bueno Glass is the collaboration between husband and wife Thor and Jennifer Bueno. 

Together they incorporate traditional hot glass techniques with patterned metallics to create wall sculptures that actually resemble vibrant river stones. Color is applied by adding glass powders with various techniques & Metallic pieces are put through a series of chemical rinses that “silvers” the inside of the glass. 


These riverstone pieces are then sandblasted and sealed with a lustrous finish giving the sense of being smoothed by time. In today’s world, studio glass or glass sculpture exists as both artistic and decorative. Contemporary glass artist Rob Stern says “My aesthetic arrives at the crossroads where humans and nature intersect. Between organic and angular, a space which connects the temporary man-made to the pre-existing and eternal cosmos” He goes on to say that “his creative endeavors and sculptures are mere stepping stones towards my search for the understanding of life.” 

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