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Contemporary Impressionism and Fine Art

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The Basis Of Contemporary Impressionism:

The Impressionist Movement was a 19th-century Modernist Art movement. It was a radical separation from the teachings of the academic art of the period. Impressionism emerged in France as an ‘Avant-Garde’ art style and began alongside another group of painters who were also exploring ‘Plein-air’ painting. 

Impressionist painters were interested in capturing the effects of light through immediate and loosely rendered expressive brushwork. The subject of impressionism was often everyday life enhanced by the fleeting effects of light and the environment.

About Contemporary Impressionism:

Today we see contemporary artists such as Elena Bond revitalizing impressionist techniques that share similar aesthetic qualities with those by the French Impressionists.

Whether depicting urban environments or the natural world, her work encompasses similar immediacy and motion, candid poses with light expressed in rich displays of light and value but with present-day content and uniquely different applications of paint using an array of palette knives to build her rich impasto compositions. 

Marshall Crossman

Marshall Crossman Beach Series 183 Oil on Canvas 60 x 60

Marshall Crossman who uses spontaneity and motion to create his lush brushwork with emphasis placed on the changing light and illumination on the landscape also relies on the teachings of the Impressionist Movement. The figures combined with the artist’s desire to create emotion allow for a contemporary composition heavily influenced by the Bay Area figurative painters.

Tom Roseetti

 Tom Rossetti Giverny Repast Acrylic on canvas 36 x 38

And Tom Rossetti’s Botanics Series combining his classical training with contemporary influences. 

In this series, Rossetti seems to create dreamlike landscapes and atmospheres through an interplay of application of bold light and color working in varying degrees of abstraction to create a contemporary body of work yet still reminiscent of artist Claude Monet’s water lilies.

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