“Recently, the word ‘change’ has been thrown around often in reference to Cuba. Although we know that change is the only constant, when it comes to Cubans, it has a different circumstantial meaning.
This exhibit conveys a small sample of the perception of change by artists of Cuban descent through a diversity of mediums.
I sense, in the end, us Cubans all feel the same; we are not completely Cubans, not completely Americans, or of any other background we have adopted. But we all feel strongly about our roots; thus the title of this exhibit.” R. Llaneza

Nadal Antelmo
Nestor Arenas
Belaxis Buil
Carlos Manuel Cardenes
Sandra Ceballos
Rafael Consuegra
Xavier Cortada
Martin Casuso
Lilliam Dominguez

Vicente Dopico Lerner
Gilberto Frometa
Carlos Gamez de Francisco
Filio Galvez
Ahmed Gomez
Michael Halley
Reynier Llanes
Rafael Lopez-Ramos
Luisa Mesa
Hugo Moro
Alex Nuñez
Alfredo Perez
Megan Piedra
Joel Rojas
Carlos Rigau
Beatriz Rodriguez
Jorge Sanchez
Ivan Santiago
Ileana Tolibia

Alex Valls
Clara Varas
Pedro Vizcaino
Ramon Williams