Dan Strothers contemporary art and sculpture have been featured in art galleries and museums across the United States. The artist has shown in galleries and exhibitions in many cities: Sarasota, Bradenton, Naples, Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and St. Petersburg. Mr. Strothers has also exhibited his wooden abstractions and sculpture in numerous other states via art gallery, juried exhibition or museum exhibition. For the corporate art buyer, Dan Strothers has placed numerous original art works and is always willing to consider corporate commissions.

Abstract art, by definition, can be a painting or sculpture (including assemblage) that does not depict a person, place or thing in the natural world — even in an extremely distorted or exaggerated way. Therefore, the subject of the work is based on what you see: color, shapes, brushstrokes, size, scale and, in some cases, the process….


A distinction can be made between abstract art which is geometric, and abstract art that is more fluid. Also generally classified with abstract art are figurative abstractions. Figurative abstractions are abstractions or simplifications of reality, where detail is eliminated from recognizable objects.

The most important art movements which contributed to the development of contemporary abstract art were Impressionism and Expressionism. Expressionist painters explored the daring use of texture, drawing exaggerations, and intense color. Expressionist art was emotionally charged paintings that were reactions to and perceptions of contemporary experience. The art was about a feeling and not about the subject matter per se. Post Impressionists Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne helped lead to the formation of contemporary art as we know it today.

Contemporary abstract art, while pioneered in the early 20th century, is as popular as ever today. artist Dan Strothers creates his fine art from wood, stone and/or metal and arranges these elements in organic forms to stimulate the viewer to think about both the past and the future. The materials used have been born in the belly of stars and have “seen” and been part of all that has gone before. The project begins with a search for the correct wood to stimulate a visual image in the artist’s mind’s eye followed by a feeling. Mr. Strothers uses intensely concentrated pigments to achieve the high contrasts that make his contemporary abstracts unique. In the end, when an image is put into form, it takes on a life of its own.

Dan Strothers Fine Art Artist Bio

My work attempts to bond its viewers to their ancestral origins by working with natural materials in random shapes in a similar way to which nature works. Some of the most beautiful and long lasting images in one’s mind are those of a brilliant sunset, snow capped mountain peaks, breaking ocean waves, lush valleys, impending thunder storms or simple wild flowers. We too rarely see these everyday occurrences, but they bring to mind vivid colors and natural beauty.

I begin a project with a search for the correct wood to stimulate a visual image in my mind’s eye followed by a feeling. The grain pattern is of utmost importance as that is what makes the light dance on the finished piece and bring it to life. I then choose organic shapes or themes to create art that infuses me with emotion.

Artist Statement

When I put an image into form, it takes on a life of its own. The finishes andtinas enhance the refraction of light on the wood in such a way that the art is always in motion, always playing, talking to the viewer in a way that only natural matter can do…as if it had a soul.

The materials that I use have been around since the dawn of time, some growing then dying just to grow again but all naturally recycled over and over again. Every bit of matter in these artworks has seen the sunsets, the mountains, and the flowers in all their previous forms.

Our souls have been there too.

My dad died in 1994. I still grieve for him today. He was my best friend.

In 2004, I had an incredible series of dreams in which my dad reassured me that he was still with me. He shared the glory of afterlife with me. “You are privileged,” he said. I had always known that he loved me, but in those dreams I came to understand that his love was boundless.

My dad’s outpouring of love in my dreams inspires my art to this day. So if, while viewing my artwork, something seems familiar, remember, you, me, my art are all made from stardust.


A Ripple

Pigment Infused Wood 24″ x 84″ SOLD


Pigment Infused Wood 53″ x 54″ SOLD


Pigment infused wood 80″ x 48″

Sunset 1

Pigment Infused Wood 84″ x 36″