Born in Lima (Peru) to Swiss parents. Formed initially in classical painting during her teenage years, Daniela Wicki left the world of painting for a successful career as a lawyer and business ventures, which led her to New York. The city’s energy and its Museum of Modern Art developed her individual abstract sensibility and triggered a powerful creative response influencing her decision to go back to painting full time.ln1995 she moved back to Peru where she studied and worked along major contemporary Peruvian artists. In 1997 she moved to Miami, USA, where she continues her creative work immersed full time as a painter. During her career she has had a number of successful local and international exhibits with the acclaim of critics, a strong presence in important collections and wide recognition of her force as a painter.


“Abstract painting has always been the cathartic action through which I channel my innermost energy. My goal has always been to reach beyond your most immediate senses; it is my intention for you to be able to feel the full strength I infuse in each and every artwork I produce.

To be at the threshold of technology and to interpret the dynamic force of Porsche design through the energy I place in my painting was an incredible and beautiful challenge.

My challenge was to reveal the sensation of speed through form. To see the unseen and convert the emotion into a physical art piece.

Through a thorough and methodical research I learned about the latest cutting-edge technology being used in automotive and reflecting painting materials; the result was finding a formula that would absorb the energy of light and heat and would later convert into a source of light and energy as well; this innovative material once applied into an equally highly-developed artificial surface will translate into an effect of luminosity, strikingly evident in the absence of light.”


Maras #14

Mixed Media on Canvas 20″ x 60″

Maras #14

Mixed Media on Canvas 40″ x 30″

Maras #63

Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 36″

WOW #21

Mixed Media on Canvas 30 x 30

WOW #22

Mixed Media on Canvas 30″ x 30″

WOW #23

Mixed Media on Canvas 30 x 30

WOW #24

Mixed Media on Canvas 30″ x 30″