About Dietmar Brixy:

Dietmar Brixy was born in Mannheim in 1961 and studied in Karlsruhe with Harald Klingelhöller and Katharina Fritsch, among others.  The fact that he trained as a sculptor is immediately evident. He moves volumes across the canvas. For him, painting is an act of strength. This conqueror of the canvas works with brushes, spatulas, and his own two hands. He smears and digs in the pathways of lines, leaving behind gurgling lava and perfume. This is not entertainment, but rather existentialism. 

Brixy stirs up the paint, creates reliefs, and exemplifies how the traditional elements of painting in the classical sense can be modernized in different forms.  He transports the viewer to a magic mountain, even with his smaller canvases. 

For each image, this thoroughbred painter has developed a recipe in which he has concealed a number of aromatic details to lend the whole work an air of creativity and timeliness. 

Brixy is constantly offering us new approaches to allow us to enter into lively communication with his Images.    

Christoph Tannert, Director, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Dietmar Brixy layers thick dreamy compositions, swirling otherwise strong lines into pieces that hold a certain ease and strength simultaneously. In modern contemporary designed homes with open floor plans, art really needs to be an aesthetic centerpiece and Brixy adds a stunning touch to a South Florida art collector’s home.

The German artist molds large grooves of paint layered in compositions that are modern and elegant. He uses his fingers to create swirling precise clouds that flow across the canvas. This is not your child’s finger painting, Brixy’s movements require a precision and an exact technique.

Brixy’s ability to execute these precise methods, incorporating many primary and disparate shades seamlessly without mixing into one continuous stroke belies his technical training as a sculptor. He effortlessly combines the muted minimalist shades of the desert with loud reds and joyful yellows, starburst pink with sea-like turquoise.

Black figures heavily, effortlessly, into his compositions. There are arborescent earthly scenes, but these are also otherworldly, geometric, asking you to dream.  



Oil on Canvas 40″ x 55″


Oil on Canvas 71″ x 47″ SOLD