Ed Nash was born in Letchworth Garden City, England but has been a Nashville resident for fifteen years and is a well recognized abstract artist of the South.

At the age of 13, Ed was awarded an art scholarship to Bedford School in England. He then went on to study Fine Art and Psychology at Reading University – graduating Magna Cum Laude. After several years as an art dealer and appraiser, he went back to pursue his life long dream of becoming a full time visual artist.

Much of his work has a deep connection with the Japanese aesthetic wabisabi, which can be described as one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. His paintings and mixed media work are a response to modern day society’s view of visual perfection. The work reflects and celebrates the patina produced through the passage of time and exposure to the elements.

In a recent article in The Tennessean he was named The No.1 artist in Nashville to be following:

“Ed Nash is turning heads across the country. You can spot his vivid large-scale paintings, usually over 6 feet tall, anywhere. His signature style is a use of bold color gradations in a variety of abstract and landscape designs. Nash’s artwork is a favorite among interior designers, as they are the finishing touch to any room.”

His work can be found in countless collections across the US and UK, including the homes of Senators, musicians, actors, celebrities and luxury commercial and historical spaces such as The Senate Building, Washington DC, Tennessee State Museum, Hunter Museum of Art, Blackberry Farms TN, Nashville International Airport, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hilton Green Hills, Lyndhurst Collection, Suntrust Corporation Memphis TN, Netflix. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest, The Huffington Post, Milieu Magazine, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, Atlanta Home and Lifestyles Magazine, Native Magazine, East Nashvilian, Classic Home Magazine, Southern Living and Traditional Home Magazine.

When Ed is not painting, he can be found at home, with his wife, two kids and three dogs.


Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 48″


Mixed Media on Metal 60″ x 120″


Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 72″


Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 72″

Neptune 3

Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 48″

Neptune 4

Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 36″
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Rift 5

Mixed Media on Canvas 60″ x 60″


Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 72″ SOLD


Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 48″ SOLD

Neptune 1

Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 48″ SOLD

Neptune 2

Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 48″ SOLD


Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 48″ SOLD


Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 72″ SOLD