Eduardo PradoThrough the hands of Elizabeth and Eduardo Prado, light and heat intertwine with the properties of glass and hence transform into art. The light captures the brilliance and ensnares the colors, taking great advantage of the magic of the translucency. The heat, in its turn, molds the latency of the shape: only after cooling will its form reveal all the beauty of the creative process.

Today, it has to be said, creation can bloom with a freedom it has never before had. Man mastered the glass production process centuries ago and has, over the course of history, produced all types of utilitarian articles using glass, many of which with extraordinary artistic value. But only recently, with the advent of so called studio kilns, have the full conditions for non-functional art to take flight been achieved.

Elizabeth and Eduardo Prado met in London at the time when the first itinerant exhibition of the New Glass movement arrived. This movement broke the bonds restraining glass to utilitarian shapes. It unveiled a new a definitive horizon for the couple’s artistic talents. Following this, studies and practice with the great masters, intense dedication and constant passion have taken these two artists to the top. Today, they prolifically craft exceptional works.


VW Bus

Glass 13.8″ x 6″  x  7.5 ″