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“I paint because it accesses my inner child spirit. I can never predict what might happen which is very exciting to me. My Painting’s are about process and I try not to think about the final results. My environment influences the color and shapes I choose. Painting allows me the luxury of stepping out of the day-to-day minutia (mind clutter) and open’s the door to another dimension and another language.
Images appear, like petro glyphs on the canvas and my subconscious dialogue begins. Harkening back to my favorite childhood tale “Alice in Wonderland” I can access the other side of the mirror, let go of my ego, and express in the present moment. Painting is a meditation.”



Mixed Media on Canvas 36″ x 72″


Mixed Media on Canvas 36″ x 72″ SOLD

Big Bang

Acrylic on Canvas 60″ x 48″ SOLD