Celebration of Human Form and Mother Nature

In Celebration of the Human Form… I begin with simple clay and sculpt the torso using the coil building technique. The simplicity of the torso captures the essence of the soul. That, together with the primitive firing techniques of sawdust and Raku, brings me back to my South African roots. The beauty of the colors in the clay is created by the intensity of the fire. Each torso comes from the fire with a uniqueness all its own. This element of surprise and individuality celebrates the human form.

In Celebration of Mother Nature… I “dress” the naked form of the torso to represent nature using feathers, branches, leaves, and gemstones. I use semi-precious and rare stones, formed over millions of years. Ancient science tells us that each stone has a symbolic meaning and our eyes detect the unique beauty of what lies within each.

My sculptures reflect my total life experience. Born and raised in South Africa, studied art in the Netherlands, I now reside in the heartland of the USA. These experiences have exposed me to cultural diversity and the beauty of nature.

My work is the expression of the human form… and the embodiment of beauty entwined with the powers of Nature.

Untitled 05

Clay high fired, Amethyst & Quartz, black marble base 44″ x 15″

Untitled 10

High Fired Clay Torso, Silver Dollar and Feathers  41″ x 20″

Untitled 11

White Raku Torso, Crochet long style 22″ x 14″

Untitled 12

High Fired Clay Torso, Crochet long Hematite and silver color 26″ x 16″

Untitled 13

High Fired Tiny Torso, With Shoulder, European Crystal Aquamarine  16″ x 15″

Untitled 14

White Raku Clay Torso, Silver Dollar /Peacock feathers 27″ x 12″

Untitled 15

White Raku clay Torso, Pearls/ quartz 49″ x 18″

Untitled 17

White Raku torso, Rose Quartz and pink glass 20″ x 20″

Untitled 18

White / Yellow Gold Overglaze Clay Torso, Fresh Water Pearls/Crystals  36″ x 22″

Untitled 19

High fired Clay Torso, New long style, Glass and pink glass 32″ x 17″

Untitled 20

Yellow/white gold Torso, One shoulder, Yellow / clear glass 31″ x 15″

Untitled 21

High Fired Clay Torso, Baltic Amber / crystals  30″ x 18″

Untitled 22

Sawdust Fired Clay Torso, Green leaves / twigs  35″ x 23″

Untitled 23

High fired Clay Torso Shorti With crystal Neckline, Glass multi color  31″ x 33″

Untitled 236004

High fired clay, crystal phantom quartz, green amethyst 29″ x 24″

Untitled 304

Clay white and yellow gold – crochet 25″ x 15″

Untitled 9

Bronze high polish and silver rub torso, Ethiopian Opals and crystals  33″ x 15″

Untitled 8

White snd yellow gold overglaze. Clay torso, Bronze lace and Quartz / crystals Herkemer diamonds, Bronze shoes 34″ x 19″ SOLD

Untitled 16

White Raku Torso, Pearls / quartz 15″ x 15″ SOLD

Untitled 236003

Clay, overglazed gold, crystal & amecitrine stones 29″ x 14″ SOLD

Untitled White Raku

Clay White Raku with light Amethyst and European crystal 28.5″ x 22″ SOLD

Untitled 307

Clay, Sawdust – Organic Leaves & Twigs 36″ x 17″ SOLD

Untitled 306

Clay, High Fired – White Pearls 22.5″ x 20″ SOLD

Untitled 305

Clay white and yellow gold – crochet 40″ x 28″ SOLD

Untitled 303

Clay, High Fired, Two Shoulder Collar, Organic – Small Delicate Flowers 23.5″ x 11″ SOLD

Untitled 302

Clay – white gold shortie – pink pearls, Austrian crystals 22.5″ x 20″ SOLD

Untitled 301

Clay – Feather & Eucalyptus (money plant) 39″ x 16″ SOLD

Untitled 692295

Clay – Blue overglaze with treated glass & high quality European crystals, black granite base 24″ x 18″ SOLD
Mary Ann Cohen & Estella Fransbergen

Untitled 06

Clay – white gold overglaze, crystal, quartz, pearls, pink pearls, carved pink shell roses 26″ x 24″ SOLD

Untitled 08

Clay – white & yellow gold overglaze, one sided torso, white shells, quartz, crystal, crystal base 36″ x 22″ SOLD

Untitled 09

Clay – White Raku, Pearls, Quartz, Crystal, white marble base 50″ x 19″ SOLD

Untitled 94

Clay, White and Yellow Gold Torso with Amethyst & High Quality European Crystals 40″ x 16″ SOLD


Clay High fired Shorti with embroidered pearls on Torso & high Quality European Crystals 26″ x 20″ SOLD

Untitled IV

clay white gold torso fluorite and hematite stones 29″ x 24″ SOLD

Untitled 01

clay high fired torso w 2 shoulder trimmed in preciosa crystals 29″ x 23″ SOLD

Untitled II

clay white gold overglaze torso w/ shoulders filled with precious crystals and preciosa crystals 29″ x 24″ SOLD

Untitled IX

Clay, naked raku with black onyx selenite 35″ x 22″ SOLD

Untitled VI

White Gold Torso Crystal, Wispy Uneven Crystal Base 27″ x 12″ SOLD

Untitled IV

Black Raku Torso Lumination Cast Glass Crochet Wire Crystal Base 28.5″ x 14″ SOLD

Untitled II

White, Yellow Gold Torso Ruby, Quartz, Crystal Crystal Base 29″ x 13″ SOLD