As nineteenth-century craftsman, Cuétara uses the bare canvas, through their manipulation and observation of their specific qualities, not to cover it with pigment or images, but to express itself. The fabric, the folding and light are the keys to its language. To Cuétara the crease, it is in itself a key element in the construction and composition of his paintings. It is much more than just a formal appeal, represents above all a space of possibilities: that of accommodating both the matter and soul, and above all the shaping, through the folds and wrinkles of the fabrics, the permanence of the artist in his own work. The gap, the cavity which is raised … – become the place where the desire to endure in the memory of time is completed. The eternal desire of the creator.

Auria No. 17

Acrylic on Canvas, Soft Sculpture 45″ x 53″

Auria No. 21

Acrylic on Canvas, Soft Sculpture 73″ x 54″


Acrylic on Canvas, Soft Sculpture 41″ x 32″