FLAVIO GLAVAN is an independent artist who has fearlessly explored and mastered his unique approach to contemporary painting. His work is informed and nourished by diverse life experiences generated through travel, uniquely varied relationships, university studies, and a broad spectrum of professional endeavors and artistic passions. His intense and disciplined daily process as a painter has allowed him to create a significant and exceptional body of work over the past thirty years.

During his formative years of work in his native Argentina, he exhibited his paintings in museums and galleries. He then opened Galvan Art Gallery where he exhibited and sold his art until he immigrated to the United States where he currently resides.
Flavio’s work is currently represented by fine art galleries in the southern United States. He has a working studio in Florida from which he presents his work to new galleries, collectors, curators and private patrons. His work is expanding throughout the United States and beyond. New collections are always in development and he accepts private and corporate commissions. An expansion of his partnership with design and representation is also underway in Dubai, Tokyo, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles.