Art, for me, is an emotional expression rather than a deeply esoteric mission.  My paintings have been described as allegorical, whimsical, and human, but my favorite comment was from a neighbor who said “I don’t know much about art, but this just makes me happy”.

Believing that almost everything in life contains an element of art, my inspiration comes in many forms; a faint memory, a song, an object, a design, or a moment of time in the life of someone I’ve never met. Wherever it begins, it takes on a life of its own, quietly suggesting where it wants to go. And even after decades of working creatively, I’m still taken by surprise when my imagination, the paint, and my brush agree to collaborate.

I currently work in acrylic on canvas, initially because the landlady for my studio was “worried about spontaneous combustion”, and now, because I love the rich opaque depth of color and crisp definition I can attain by applying the paint in multiple coats.


George has always been an artist in one discipline or another; in his childhood bedroom secretly drawing images of Presidents from the encyclopedia while he was supposed to be studying arithmetic, until today, working in his studio designing and painting richly-colored and often whimsical moments of life as he imagines it.

A classically-trained artist, having studied at the University on Minnesota, the California College of the Arts, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (BFA), he took a 40-year hiatus from fine art to become the Creative Director of award-winning advertising and marketing.


Acrylic on Canvas 48″ x 48″