Hernán Sosa was born in Arequipa, Peru on September 12th, 1965.

He usually lives in Lima but travelling all around the world going to art fairs, to individual and group art exhibitions. He studied Fine Arts at the Catholic University of Lima, Peru, painting and draw at the “Escuela de Bellas Artes Carlos Baca Flor”. The work of Hernán Sosa is the result of an authentic passion for painting, extremely synthesized, thanks to the exceptional formal means at his disposal…

His magnificent technique, his dominance of drawing, oil paintings, acrylic techniques and watercolours allows him an uninhibited freedom with which he transcribes on to support sensitiveness in work that transcends from the merely representational to a sensual and plastic language of unlimited possibilities. Consummate artist he inflame the spark that awakes in us expectations for an incomparable work of art. And now he is developing a new facet in his art, the sculpture.

“Since I was a shy little boy, I used to be immersed in the world of drawing and spent hours on end in this imaginary world.”




Oil on Canvas 42″ x 37″  


Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 79″ x 118″


Column X

Acrylic & Silver Leaf on Linen 86″ x 61″ SOLD


Oil on Canvas 28″ x 64″ SOLD


Acrylic on Linen 57″ x 75″ SOLD


Oil on Canvas 41″ x 40″ SOLD