Right art piece for your wall

How to Choose the Right Art Piece For Your Wall

Have you recently moved into a new place and find yourself wondering how to make your bare walls look spectacular? Perhaps, you have already been living in your home for a while but aren’t quite sure about a particular wall.

Right Art Piece For Your Wall
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The right piece of artwork can brighten up any wall and complete the decor of an entire room. It can add a huge amount of interest, giving people something to stop and appreciate when they are in the room.

Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind when picking out a piece of artwork for your home.

Remember to consider which room you are working with.

Pieces of art for your bedroom might look considerably different to ones you would choose for your kitchen or dining room. Also remember to think about the size of the room you are decorating – you do not want your chosen art piece to be overwhelmingly large or too small to notice!

Refer to this quick guide which gives you some pointers about choosing the right art piece for some of the rooms in your home:

  • Artwork for the bedroom should be geared towards relaxation. After all, the main function of the bedroom is to rest and recuperate. Artwork with lighter colors that depict a relaxed environment are ideal – think along the lines of a coastal scene.
  • Artwork for the living room can be whatever you want it to be! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to placing artwork in the living room. This is your space to feel at home, so pick the boldest piece of art if that tickles your fancy.
  • Artwork for the bathroom can be complicated. These are usually smaller rooms in the house, so you might want to work with a couple of small pieces side-by-side. Avoid anything too dark or overbearing, as these will make a potentially small space feel cramped.
  • Artwork for the kitchen should be smaller pieces that complement the overall style of the room. This isn’t a room where you want artwork to become the focal point.

Less can be more

If you are wondering how to find a piece of art that fits into your living room, a simple black and white photograph can work wonders. It could be a family photo turned black and white, or simply any photo that you find easy on the eye.

The Best Artwork for Your Wall
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Consider a picture ledge

Can’t decide on a single piece of artwork for one location in your home? Put up a picture ledge and display all of your favorites side-by-side: