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I always believed that being chosen artist of the year by the Latin Grammy Awards would be one of the most important achievements I would have in my career as artists but, but today after a few years I am fulfilling one of the most important dreams I had since I was a child, installing one of the largest sculptures in Miami, without a doubt one of the most important goals of my career as an artist.

I went to live in the United States six years ago to become one of the most important sculptors in the world and today I am sharing the streets and avenues with Botero, Jeff Koons and Joan Plensa.

My work is installed in the Design District neighborhood known for its important stores, a neighborhood that shows the avant-garde of the world of art, fashion and design. Precisely at 3900 Biscayne blvd. Street that travels daily about a million people.

The sculpture entitled “Flamingo Girl” is approximately 15 feet tall (4.60 meters) it is made entirely of bronze and is part of my Gold Black collection, a collection that emerged after my arrival in the city of Miami, in fact it was the first work that he performs the first year in the city, is a very significant work for me.

It is a work that speaks of change, of daring to leave the comfort zone, to jump into the pool in search of happiness, to have fun, to enjoy life, all with a bit of irony and humor. It represents the joy of that city of Miami, the contrasts of colors, cultures and nature through the search for a perfect balance, shape, color, movement. It is a fresh work framed in a figurative style, full of sensuality, harmony, elegance and always with a touch of humor and irony as the common denominator of all my works.

It is a work that evokes water, I am a Pisces and water attracts me in a surprising way, without a doubt it is my element, an essential part of my life and as an artist, water is present in all my works, its immensity captivates me, its movement and color attract me… I try to be with her, whether living near the beach, surfing or just letting myself be hypnotized by the movement of each one of her waves. This work is a tribute to women and water.

“Flamingo Girl” along with “The Voyager” recently installed at Collins Ave/Lincoln Road. It is part of a series of large-scale works that will be installed soon in the most important streets and buildings of the city of Miami and Los Angeles CA soon.

Where To Find The Work Of Ignacio Gana:

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Winwood Art Fair , Miami, USA
Palm Beach Art Fair , Miami, USA
2015 “The Big Splash ” The Americas Collection Gallery , Miami. USA
“Sculptures, New Works” La Sala Gallery , Miami. USA
2012 “Inmersión / Extracción ” Expressiones Cultural Center “ Connecticut. USA “
“ Al agua Pato !!” Galería La Sala, Santiago . Chile
2011 “Intervened Works” Expressiones Cultural Center “ New York. USA
2010 “Esculturas , Oleos y Dibujos “ Galería Cecilia Palma , Santiago , Chile
2007 “New Works” Aldo Castillo Gallery , Chicago , USA
“Color´s” Galería La Sala, Santiago , Chile.
2005 “Deseo” Galería La Sala , Santiago , Chile.
2004 Exposición FAO, Oficina regional para América Latina y el Caribe.

Group Exhibitions

2011 MIA “The Miami International Art Fair“ Miami , USA
Harbour Towers , New London CT , USA
2010 Feria, Feria de Arte Chileno Contemporáneo, Chile
“50 Escultores Chileno “ Galería Cecilia Palma, Chile
Exposición Bicentenario Colección permanente Museo Ralli, Chile
2009 “ARTEahora” Latin American Art Fair, Chicago, USA.
“The Magical Narrative in Latin American Art”, The Americas Collection ,Miami, Estados Unidos.
2008 “ARTEahora” First Latin American Art Fair, Chicago, USA.
The Americas Collection & Rotsen Design. Miami , USA.
MOLAA Subasta 2008 “Contemporary Latin American Art ” Los Angeles, USA
2007 Shanghai Art Fair, China. ( Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, USA. )
SOFA, Art Fair Chicago ( Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, USA. )
Robert Morris Institute of Art & Design, Chicago , USA
Bienal de grabado, Casa de las Américas, La Habana ,Cuba.
2006 MOLAA auction “Contemporary Latin American Art ” Los Angeles, USA.
Galería The Americas Collection ,Miami, Estados Unidos.
Galería Praxis International Art.
Surreal! The Fantastic in Chile Today, Embajada de Chile en Washington, DC, USA.
The Latin American Art Exhibition “ Masters of the Imagination” New York, USA
2005 “Lineart “ Feria Internacional de Arte Gantes, Bélgica.