Jordana Rae Gassner is primarily an oil painter with a focus on metaphysical realism. The early years of her life were spent in the Black Hills of South Dakota. USA. It was there she learned to love all that nature had to offer while running barefoot through fields and rock climbing. She currently resides and works in Germany, and spends much of her time experimenting with exploring ideas of science and spirituality on traditional supports such as linen canvas. She began working at age 14 within the fashion industry which helped to influence her later decision to direct her own creative arts endeavors. Her ensuing experiences working at her family’s gallery and picture framing business before beginning studies in Psychology, Literature and Philosophy, helped to refine her focus towards 2 dimensional paintings and small sculpture.

JRG obtained her Bachelors of Arts in 1999 after studying at the Universidad de las Americas in Mexico, the Universität i Bergin in Norway and Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, USA. Mostly, her art practice was confined to aquarelle and acrylic painting until 2005 when she and her small family moved to Seattle, WA. There, she was able to re-commence learning to work with oil painting materials. In 2007, she again relocated, this time to Regensburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. Ironically, the overwhelming “European-ness” of her new home had her yearning to create artworks reminiscent of her abstract expressionist fore-fathers and mothers in America.

Buy a painting of colorful strokes called This Way

This Way

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 27″ x 43″
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Oil on Canvas 47″ x 39″
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No Cap

Oil on Canvas 63″ x 55″
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Oil on Canvas 71″ x 47″


Oil on Canvas 39″ x 79″ SOLD