Juan Carlos Collada is a multi-media artist with creativity in his DNA. A Miami native, he
studied Painting and Printmaking at Miami Dade College. He firmly believes that artists
should experience and experiment with various mediums. He has lived and worked as a
textile designer in Milan, a furniture designer in San Francisco, a decorative lighting
designer in North Carolina and as a fashion stylist in Miami.

Inspired by nature, Collada is best known for his butterfly themed works, ethereal
and graceful pieces that climb the walls and take on a life of their own. These lyrical
compositions are made up of hand-cut, dyed and painted feathers and housed in acrylic
cases. Collada was inspired by a taxidermist who had presented all kinds of creatures in
shadow boxes and by another artist whose work he saw at high point who was containing
his metal sculptures behind acrylic. He wedded the two concepts and this signature style was
born. Collada says that the forms and undulations of the works come to him organically;
once the first butterfly is placed, the rest follow until it has grown into a completed piece.
“I think the beauty of being an artist is that you have the capacity to find inspiration in
many, many places. I find beauty and inspiration in nature, in people’s minds,
books… it’s kind of endless. You could put me in an empty room with three inanimate
objects and I can pretty much guarantee you I’m going to try to make something that
pleases my eye or makes that room a feel a little better for me,” Collada said.
As a child, Juan Carlos spent time in the Florida Keys enjoying a connection with the
outdoors. He was heavily influenced by his surroundings, fostering a life-long love of nature.
For him, “home” is the intersection of art, nature, and strong family ties.

Collada’s work brings together his love of design and the natural world to create a stunning
and unique effect. When asked what he hopes his clients find in his work, he responded,
“Just joy. I hope the energy I put forward when creating them is felt to through the art, I feel
joy in making them and I would like the viewer to feel that as well.”

He currently resides in Naples, Florida.

At First Sight

Hand Dyed, Hand Painted Feather Butterflies 48″ x 48″ x 3″


Hand Dyed, Hand Painted Feather Buttlerflies 42″ x 42″


Hand Dyed, Hand Painted Feather Buttlerflies 30″ x 70″

Upward and Onward

Hand Dyed, Hand Painted Feather Butterflies 60″ x 20″ x 3″ ea.