KX2 will be exhibiting new large scale work for “New Industry” at The Frank


KX2 will be exhibiting new large scale work for “New Industry”,
at The Frank, Pembroke Pines FL. Opening 8/29, reception 6-9pm.The exhibition runs 8/29-10/26.

“Curated by The Frank’s Chief Curator Joshua Carden, the new exhibition features the work of artists Nestor Arenas, Yves Gabriel, Kx2, Devora Perez and Norman Silva along with a video piece by Layne Hinton and Chris Foster. Each of the artists employ a minimalist tendency while engaging the viewer with work grounded in industrialization, gentrification and/or the notion of change through industrial materials.

‘Oftentimes, in urban environments, the viewer is met with a combination of aesthetics and materials. New Industry seeks to contextualize this industrial aesthetic as an artistic result of urbanization,’ said Carden. ‘We are excited to showcase the unique work that these artists have created and hope that this compelling exhibition leaves visitors with a new perspective on the world around them.'” —Miami Art Scene


“We are very excited to present some new ambitious pieces that are expansive in both scale and concept. For “New Industry” we created works that reflect on industrial infrastructure and environmental issues. Much of the work uses repurposed industrial metal with textural painting to allude to natural resources such as water, oil, and metals. Other pieces use the “pipeline” as a metaphor for the transfer of ideas, energy, and discovery. ” –KX2

The Kleinman sisters will also be hosting a free small metals/jewelry workshop “Industrial Adornments” on Saturday 10/12 in conjunction with the show.

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