Marcelo lives and works in Lima, Peru. Self-taught painter, with expressionist influences, who uses art as a complement to his approach to life. He specializes in the human figure: creating anthropomorphic characters that show both in their faces and postures, an impulsive, emotional and subjective process. Through color and textures, he fills the entire canvas, generating a phobia of emptiness.

His paintings result in a sample of the fascination he has for life, his encounters and disagreements, his identity within the contradictions of affection, power and tension. Creating a parallel between his professional life as a boxing teacher and an artist, he creates a field in which it is possible for him to convey his emotions: a yearning for pure freedom, intensity in color and stroke, strength, rhythm and drama.

At the academy he learned a fine sense of material and precision in processing, as well as absolute exploitation of the forming qualities and characteristics of material. He designed forms of machines and tools from the giant mining excavators to miniature medals. In 1978 he obtained artist-in-residence in the Vitkovice Steel, presenting his sculptures of steelworkers and welders in several exhibitions. At the same time he took part in great exhibitions of the Czech Artist Association, followed by series of collective exhibitions. He collaborated with architects on small details as well as monumental commissions for architecture.

Marcelo González Rocha, Peruvian plastic artist, shows us with his work the expressionist pulse that characterizes the ferocity in the passion of vertigo, transits the immediate memory and flows like a burning voice of color in the faces.

His portraits represent the cry of the lamp in the onslaught of a skin that offers adrenaline as a voracious contemplation of the soul. He demonstrates in each stroke the philosophy of language on the canvas, the madness of impossible places and the exploration of uninhabited mirrors. His suspicious eye is lightning over the rubble in a naked journey through time.

This visceral artist echoes the backlit voices and explores the cracks in the hubbub with his fingers, assumes his authenticity leading to the contemplations of the dream, manages to convey his emotions as an innate tear that questions us over and over again about the taste of anguish and our own voids”



Oil on Canvas 77.5″ x 58.5″


Oil on Canvas 63″ x 88″


Oil on Canvas 75″ x 59″


Oil on Canvas 60″ x 40″


Oil on Canvas 63″ x 79″ SOLD