maria eugenia petreMaria Eugenia Petre was born and resides in Argentia. She has painted since she was a young girl, and went on to study fine art. Always taking an interest in arts she also studied art history, museology, scenograhy.

Petres current work is about the denaturalization of nature, for example, rocks.

“I draw and paint rocks all day long, almost in a obsessive way digging deeper in the forms. My investigation is about the simplification and decomposition of reality in plastic language like lines and plane color. I look for an authentic pictorial object not a representation of the reality. I investigate the formal language without any evocation. I work with the pictorial object that tells you about itself not a representation of other things. I am interested in working with the golden proportions. In order of that, in my latest works, I structure the space knowing that.” – Petre