Born in Colombia, Marin first received formal art training in the 1980s at the ‘Bellas Artes’ Institute in Manizales, Colombia. He continued to study sculpture at the Luccio Petraglia School of Art in Bogota, where he honed his sculptural proficiency in bronze and steel. Later, South American travel exposed him to the rich melting pot of cultural influences that further informed his approaches to color and texture. Marin works now in South Florida, where his work has been featured in design magazines, gallery shows, and prestigious art fairs, and private commissions continue to proliferate.

That his figurative forms are relatively inexpensive encourages and allows collectors to purchase multiple sculptures at a time. For Marin, this achieves his desire to encourage the figures to engage with one another in dynamic groupings that can be arranged and rearranged at will. The shadows thrown off by the glossy little men and women, who alternately squat, leap, lunge, stretch, and perform arabesques, further energize the walls against which they are installed, so that the spatial sum of the parts far exceeds the individual sculptural components.

“Since my time in high school, sculpture has been an obsession and a fascination for me. The idea of molding three-dimensional forms, with contour, details and colors provides me endless creativity. I have been privileged to have worked with masters such as Fernando Botero. Being an artist sculptor has never been easy. However, I cannot describe the amount of joy, happiness and peace that I feel when I am sculpting especially when working on a new idea.

I have developed an affinity for fiberglass and bronze as a medium. Such material provides me with infinite ways to express my ideas, my feelings, my desires, my thoughts and the challenge of knowing how we the artists are very different. That’s why I experiment with new techniques and finishes, including chrome, bronze, volcano rock, wood, resin and fiberglass. I have been a recipient of many awards that have set me apart from other sculptors.

My intention is to capture the attention of other humans to stimulate a dialogue of love, admiration, knowledge and feelings for art. My dreams are very clear and my most important wish is that my work will bring the same joy and happiness they bring to me. And that other people will love my pieces as much as I do.”

Originally from Bogota, Colombia Marin was sought out by the owner of MAC Art Galleries over 20 years ago. His figurative sculptural work employs the precision of an engineer whose motive is to incite play, dynamism and thoughtfulness in the viewers of his works. Made famous by the small climbers, forming intricate and colorful installations in homes all over the world, Marin has begun making larger sculptures. The largest climber, nicknamed Botero Girl, lavishly climbing up a wall adds a conversation starting playful element to any space. She is a modern take on the wise women of art past that have been, she represents a meditation of the future, sculpted from fiberglass and drenched in automotive paints, Maserati blue and sportscar silver. Maserati girl smiles serenely from the wall of a south Florida art collectors’ home, utterly content, as she does from the installation of them the artist has built in Dubai.  Great art speaks to the ways in which the past and the present, and we  across there globe are connected- the climbers are an ode to that- always moving, speak to the adventurous thinker and art collector. The XL Climbers, measuring in at … are exclusive to Mac Fine Art here in South Florida, but can be custom made and shipped to homes and designers all over the world.