Mark Erickson is an American painter. The appeal in Mark’s painting is partly due to its spontaneous unchecked expression of energy. The surface is very sensual. You get the feeling of the artist’s physical involvement with the canvas in the creative process, especially in recent paintings which seem to invert the painting process. The surface of the canvas is covered with what feels like textured pigment of the darkest black, a varied bright color and some with gold leaf applied. Beneath the surface are the markings of a painting underneath. Our imagination must reconstruct the painting from what is only hinted at. Looking at these works is like discovering Pompeii beneath ancient lava as though the paint was pulled from the canvas to reveal its underside. Mark’s canvases are a fine example of the archeological approach to contemporary painting.

Avalon I

Mixed Media on Canvas 20×20 diptych

Avalon II

Mixed Media on Canvas 20×20 diptych


Mixed Media on Canvas 20″ x 16″ SOLD


Mixed Media on Canvas 6-12×12


Mixed Media on Canvas 30×15

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