In 1998, Michelle graduated from the University of Sunderland. It was during her studies there that she began experimenting with wire mesh to create the sculptures for which she has since become renowned. Michelle’s work has been widely exhibited around the UK and beyond and she regularly undertakes private and public commissions.

Inspired by sport and dance, she captures the pose in suspended animation for the viewer to observe the anatomy of form, traditionally represented, albeit in a unique and contemporary way. The translucency of the mesh gives an ethereal beauty, the illusion of figures transcending the physical and soaring in to the spiritual.


A very common reaction to artist Michelle Castles’ dynamic, wire-mesh sculptures of the human form. In truth the answer to this is ‘over 20 years’. The Lake District-based sculptor has spent two decades observing, manipulating and breathing life into fundamentally inanimate wire-mesh. Inspired by the physicality of the human body in motion, this normally self-effacing, publicity-shy woman visibly transforms when discussing her art.