In works of msl every detail is significant. There are no needless lines, they are there for a reason. The curves show figures, motions or a landscape. msl often turns to mitology. The representation of the ancient stylized culture, the persperctive sacral rules and the intuitive evocation echoes with the subjects. Arhaic and progressive. Timeless, precise complex but even a child can understand the abstraction.

msl works are included in corporate (such as a Deutsche Telekom, Mosan Art Museum, Capital One, Price Waterhouse, Quantis Group, Raiffeisen Bank, Hungarian National Ballet Foundation, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Bang & Olufsen, Boscolo Hotel) and private collections all over the world in Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Copenhagen, Sydney, Toronto, Zurich, Miami, Santa Barbara.

Khaotic's Mercedes S550 by MSL
Khaotic’s Mercedes S550 by MSL

Selected Exhibitions:
2015 Ar2day Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2014 Avran Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, USA
2014 Red Dot Art Fair, Art Basel Week, Miami, FL USA
2014 Mosan Modern Art Museum, South Korea
2014 Contemporary Art Fair, Zürich, Switzerland
2014 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2014 Bang & Olufsen, Vienna, Austria
2013 Art Basel Week, Spectrum Art Fair, Miami, FL, USA
2013 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2013 Emmy’s Award, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2013 Kempinski Art Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2013 Parallax Art Fair, London, UK
2012 Mac Fine Art, Miami, FL, USA
2012 Art Market, Budapest, Hungary
2011 Bang & Olufsen, Budapest, Hungary
2010 National State Opera House, Budapest
2010 Ritz Carlton Sharq Hotel, Doha, Quatar
2009 New York Palace, Art Gallery, Budapest
2009 Arten Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Atelier Clair Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Ligne Roset, Prague, Czech Republic
2005 Csók István Gallery, Budapest


Mixed Media on Canvas 43.5×27.5


Mixed Media on Canvas 24×24


Mixed Media on Canvas 45″ x 29.5″ diptych


Mixed Media on Canvas 44″ x 67″


Mixed Media on Canvas 62″ x 79″

Sphinx II

Mixed Media on Canvas 43″ x 75″


Mixed Media on Canvas 29.5″ x 44.5″ diptych


Mixed Media on Canvas 68×43


Mixed Media on Canvas 43×75


Mixed Media on Canvas 55.5×40.5


Mixed Media on  Plastered Canvas 23.5×8 diptych