Pier was born in 1957 in the province of Udine (Italy).
Pier’s passion for art was obvious from a very early age, and his family quickly realised he had inherited his grandfather’s artistic talent. When he was 12, the gift from an aunt of two books on Michelangelo and Cézanne stimulated him to try and copy the illustrations. Instead of buying the things that attracted other boys his own age, as soon as he had a little money, Pier headed for the general store in nearby Cividale to stock up on painting requisites. Even today, Pier can smell the spices and oils every time he remembers the shop.

When he finished middle school, Pier enrolled at the art college in Udine, where he began to study the classics and to recreate some of Michelangelo’s masterpieces in various techniques. Art college enabled Pier to discover another great passion, photography. At art college, he put together portfolios of rural subjects for fun. They were to become evidence of what the territory looked like before it was devastated and profoundly transfigured by the 1976 earthquake…