Power Painters – MAC Art Event in Delray Beach, FL – November 12, 2022 6-9PM

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Thank you to all who attended the opening night of Power Painters.
The exhibition will continue to be on display at MAC Delray.

If you missed the event or would like to revisit any of the incredible pieces please visit soon!

MAC Art Galleries is proud to present our next exhibition, “Power Painters” in Delray Beach, FL
This event features an exclusive collection with a focus on our most explosive and bold painters.


MAC ART Delray
390 Southeast 2nd Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483

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“Art has always been associated with power. At times in history, the individuals who made art were seen as having special powers. They could conceptualize shapes and forms and then bring them into being. They could create images and objects from dirt, ashes, and stone that looked like living creatures. These individuals were set apart—they could transform, they could give life. And the images and objects they created held powers, as well. They were a means of communication with an unseen world, of exerting influence over the well-being and actions of humans. So both the artists and their art were considered to be magical in that they were out-of-the-realm of everyday, common, and shared existence: they were super-natural and extra-ordinary.”

– Pamela J. Sachant and Rita Tekippe


Throughout history, art has survived the tidal wave of information, and changing world conditions to remain an unpredictable source of imagination, energy and power. It has the possibilities of changing one’s thoughts, opening new ideas, and borrowing through all our everyday struggles to remind us of who we really are and why we are on the planet.

I firmly believe that art remains one of the strongest ways we can share our thoughts and ideas. Just one new idea can change a person’s perception and although the world may not change in an instant by art, it’s slow and insipid spread into the active part of our brain ensures that it will tell stories and live on long after we are gone.

Art leaves the artist’s studio and makes its way around the world.  The original inspiration the artist had in mind while creating it may fade, however, the power each artist imbues in their works, their strong content, intentions and emotions, remain vital and resonate over time in a personal and unique way to each viewer.

This once in a decade exhibition is about that power and how it manifests itself in 10 of the leading contemporary artists of our time. This exhibition is for those of us who are thrill seekers who resonate towards the most exciting & dynamic artworks to inspire, invigorate and challenge our very existence.

– Mary Ann Cohen