Bird and Leaf

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Artist: : Aurelio Posada


Oil on Canvas painting – 16″ x20″ Geometrical Composition. A Bird and a Leaf among clean shapes and lines. Bold colors on a subdued warm grey palette

Aurelio Posada is an Architect native from Colombia. He lives and works in Orlando, Florida. As a Design Partner at HuntonBrady Architects, he has designed many of the Healthcare facilities for the firm, several of them recognized with Design Awards. His passion for Design and Architecture is reflected in his paintings. Architecture and Oil painting are two creative outlets that complement and inform each other, they have become an integral expression of the artistic language that Aurelio is interested in. Strong geometries, bold colors, defined shapes and a sense of place and scale are prevalent in his oil paintings. Aurelio’s art is inspired by Modern Masters in Architecture and Art,  the result is a cohesive collection of paintings that shows his personal approach to life.

This collection is part of the art work Aurelio has produced over the past recent years.