“RE” Exhibit, opening June 28, 2014

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RE ExhibitR3 (Reduce, reuse, recycle) is sometimes called the waste hierarchy, the three components of environmentally responsible consumer behavior.
In the spirit of alchemy, I would like to add to that many more visual RE concepts to exemplify a broader perception f how artists interpret this idea.

After reading Robert Sapolsky’s statement* on the wisdom of the crowd, I was inspired to gather a group of artists whose algorithms consist of reusing, recycling, reforming, etc., materials, ideas, imagery, to create something new or to point us in a new direction.

To post some examples, Nestor Arenas REthinks the traditional landscape, Julie Friel an ordinary sketchbook; Jamey Morrill and Pilar Batlle and Lucinda Linderman REuse materials creating sculptural pieces with an ecological message; Jerry Bleem, Jonathan Rockford, Detourbutterfly, Ryan Farrell, Duane Brant REpurpose other people’s ‘garbage’; Ali Miranda REforms a photograph of Obama; Judy Polstra REwinds time with REclaimed watches; Venessa Monokian and Pip Brant REwork books to create new concepts; MILCHO REarranges an action verb to make you REthink its meaning while Karelle Levy and Martin Casuso o the same with their knitted materials.
In another realm, Troy Simmons makes us REflect on the impact we are having on our planet; Randy Burman, Sandra Ramos and Xavier Cortada REview profound concepts of our contemporary society with traditional REused materials.
Ruben Ubiera, Magda Ortiz and Kerry Phillips REclaim ordinary supplies with loaded connotation to REgain their worth. These artists, like ants, are working together to sway the general public to REdefine R3.

*-…a colony of ants makes fantastic sense. Specialized jobs, efficient means of exploiting new food sources, complex underground nests with temperature regulated within a few degrees. And critically, there’s no blueprint or central source of command—each individual ants has algorithms for their behaviors. But this is not wisdom of the crowd, where a bunch of reasonably informed individuals outperform a single expert. The ants aren’t reasonably informed about the big picture. Instead, the behavior algorithms of each ant consist of a few simple rules for interacting with the local environment and local ants. And out of this emerges a highly efficient colony.
The Flagler Village Art Walk is the last Saturday of every month!

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