René Romero Schuler in Modern Luxury Magazine


Rene Romero Schuler in Modern Luxury

Artist René Romero Schuler graces this month’s cover of Modern Luxury NS Magazine. Touted as being expressionistic, her work has been compared to that of Jean Dubufet and Willem DeKooning, though Schuler is also influenced by modern “expressionists” as well, such as: Susan Rothenberg, Michel Nedjar, Maryann Kolb and many others. Her work is executed exclusively in oil, with deep and rich tones, and her textures express the depths of human emotion in a style that welcomes the viewer far into each individual piece.

Modern Luxury Cover: Rene Romero Schuler


Lake Forest resident and self-taught fine artist René Romero Schuler’s career is on a fast trajectory—straight up. On the heels of Schuler’s first gallery exhibitions in Rome and Paris last summer, Ellen DeGeneres commissioned the artist to create a custom “Jackie O” painting from Schuler’s Icon Series, and Jennifer Norback Fine Art gallery in Chicago, which represents Schuler’s work, compiled an eponymous book of the artist’s work released last month ($45, JNFA Projects).

“René’s paintings convey at once vulnerability, beauty and great strength,” says gallery owner Jennifer Norback. “Ever since the first time I saw them, they have affected me viscerally. I’m fascinated by the dichotomy between her abstracted, almost brutal female forms, and her richly layered, thick impastos that effortlessly demonstrate both a deeply sophisticated color sense and her years of expertise with a palette knife. The paint itself, sculpted in three dimensions, resonates with vitality and force that seems to emanate from the figure itself.” To create her richly layered works, Schuler literally sculpts her two-dimensional paintings out of oil with a palette knife.

“With every work I create, I strive to show the imperfection, stress and underlying beauty of the beings I portray,” says Schuler. “There are no fine characteristics or clearly defined attributes in these figures. They are everyone and no one. I work on several pieces at one time; my mood dictates the direction of a piece, and if I don’t finish it in a day, my mood shifts.” That’s one reason Schuler embarked on sculpting two years ago. “My small sculptures give me instant gratifi cation,” she says. “I love the tactile experience of working on them and bringing my painting to another dimension.” Schuler’s art is in the permanent archives of the Art Institute of Chicago and hangs in the homes of numerous prominent Silicon Valley executives.

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