Rick Lowe isn’t like your average artist. He didn’t start off in his childhood as a prodigy yearning to become an artist when he grew up. But now, he couldn’t picture doing anything other than art and design.

Lowe started his passion with art at a later age. After selling his start up internet business in 2005, he decided that it was time to start doing what he wanted to do, instead of what he had to do, and that meant something related to design.¬†After experimenting with concrete, metal, and glass for his art work, Lowe decided to try something different. He wanted something that was unlike anything out there. Then he found the key that is now behind his brilliant artwork: Resin. Lowe says, “I love working with resin. The fact that I can mess with different colors and textures to produce something unique is so exciting to me. The fluidity of the resin is what makes my art so interesting, no two pieces are ever the same.” At first, Lowe created these pieces to make his design center look more attractive, but as customers started continuously asking if the pieces were for sale, he decided to start marketing his art.