Will Smith calls him ‘Picasso.’ Jerry Bruckheimer, Denzel Washington and Michael Bay vie to have him on their film sets. Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced him to President Bill Clinton by saying “This is Robert Zuckerman, the best photographer I have ever worked with.”

In his new series of fine art photographs, WONDERISM, even mundane scenes are rendered wondrous through Robert’s lens. In sharing these images, he hopes to foster the possibility for seeing the world’s wonder and enriching the experience of everyday life.


Click here to see the opening of his Wonderism show at MAC Fine Art in City & Shore Magazine.

“WONDERISM is the antithesis of ‘terrorism’. WONDERISM sees the goodness of existence and the extraordinary within ordinary.”
– Robert Zuckerman


“TIME MACHINE consists of what has become my vintage imagery, photographed between 1976 and 1994. Originally shot on mostly medium format film, some of the negatives remained untouched in my files for some thirty years or more. The process of unvaulting them, making high resolution scans and printing them created a bridge of memory and feeling back to the time when they were originally shot – memories of the light and the feeling of the day came through powerfully. Thus the name TIME MACHINE.”
– Robert Zuckerman

“Always drawn to the personal, Robert began [this body of work] in early 2002, in the aftermath of 9/11, when the world was enshrouded in the specter of terror, to show that life’s richness is all around us each and every day, within arm’s and heart’s reach.”

– The Huffington Post

“There are plenty of photographers who work in the movie biz, and Zuckerman surely qualifies as one of the top celebrity photogs, but his work combines emotional depth and commercial appeal. The photographer seems at ease in the glitz and glam of Hollywood but is still able to recognize true emotional depth in his subjects even amidst the superficiality.”
– The Miami Herald


Time Machine