Sara Conca is a contemporary abstract artist of Native American and French- Italian descent. She has sold her works to many collectors in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Her paintings can be found in private chateaus and hotel lobbies in France, as well as in many exclusive celebrity homes and museums.

By the age of 17, Sara was living and working in Paris. A life changing experience that reinforced her need for movement, energy and art. While in Paris, Sara studied sculpture at Ateliers D’Art De St Maur Des Fosses, and further continued her education in South Florida as an assistant of the critically lauded artist Purvis Young.

Sara Conca has spent her last 18 years in Manhattan, Living solely off her painting sales, Extensive international travels, and the influence of New York City has given her an insightful appreciation for her ever- changing environments and settings, as well as heavily influencing her.

Sara Conca has returned to her roots in Florida, which has inspired her to create a fresh new aquatic mystical series involving natural mixed media such as raw silver dust and 18k gold leafing, raw pigments colors, mica flakes and natural crystals.

“My work is intended to instantaneously immerse the viewer into the visual and emotional energies that I have devoted to each piece. Depending on one’s ability and willingness to be guided by the senses, these paintings can lead one away from the mind and into an alternate and self-made reality filled with color and feeling. My new series features gold. I love working with this color because it changes in the light and I can manipulate the textures and layering; thus affording each piece movement and energy from the reflecting and refracting light.” ~ Sara Conca


Solo Exhibitions

2016 June     Art on Centre Amelia Island “Artist of the month”

2016 Jan       Onessimo Fine Art “Catalyst” Show

2014 July     SeaFair Blink Group Gallery

2012 Aug     Evolve Design Gallery Woodstock NY  “See Through”

2012 July     Evolve Design Gallery Woodstock NY  “Gold”

2012 June     Able Fine Art Gallery Chelsea NY  “Emmersions”

2012 March   Private Showing Lyon France

2012 Feb       Roy Teeluck Lo4Art NY “Red and Gold”

2011 April     Belenky Brother’s Gallery Soho NY “18k Gold Layered Series”

2010 April     Soho D&H Gallery NY

2009 April     Ted Gibson NY

2009 Jan       Soho D&H Gallery Soho NY

2008 Nov     Mansion Art Gallery NY

2008 April     Soho D&H Gallery Soho NY

2001 Sept     Le Bibloquet, NY “Body Press Series”


Group Exhibition

2017 Aug     20th Anniversary MAC Fine Art

2017 July     Art Santa Fe Platform Award Winning Artists

2017 May     Evolution MAC Fine Art

2017 April    Art NY Redwood Media Award Winning Platform Artists

2016 Dec    Red Dot Miami MAC Fine Art

2016 Nov    The Martin Gallery Charleston

2016 Nov   Onessimo Fine Art West Palm Beach

2016 Nov    Art San Diego Redwood Media Group Platform Artists

2016 Nov    Wall Street Fine Art Jacksonville “Art Republic”

2016 Oct     Palm Springs Modernism Exhibit

2016 Oct      Martin Gallery Charleston

2016 March   MAC Fine Art “Unsettled Landscapes”

2016 March   Art on Centre Fernadina Beach FL

2015 Sep     Onessimo Fine Art Gallery “ Season Opener”

2015 Oct       Le Floch Et Le Floch Paris

2015 May     Glen Mayo Sculptures

2014 Dec       Spectrum Art Basel Miami BlinkGroup Gallery

2014 July       Prevu Pop Up Show Blink Group

2013 Aug       Percepts Gallery Lyon France

2012  Sept    K.I.A.F. Able Fine Art Gallery  Seoul Korea

2012  Sept     Nov S.P.A.F. Gallery  Saugerties NY “ Blue”

2012 Sept     Marleau Gallery Saugerties NY “Four Fellows”

2012 April     ACA Gallery Chelsea NY “Hudson River Benefit”

2012 March   PS3 “Auction Of The Arts” Charity

2011 March   StandPipe Gallery NY “Pool”

2010 June     Station Tribeca Gallery NY “Combining Grace”

2010 April       Rouge Space “Nudes Show” Chelsea, NY

2009 Sept       Bo Concepts NY “Abstract Art and Fashion”

2009 July       Chelsea Art Gallery 32 NY “Compilation Show”

2008 Nov       Miami Art Basel Gulay Alpay’s Interactive Art Instilation

2006 May       Commodore Gallery of Art and Design, Coconut Grove,

2005 May       Henry Gregg Gallery ” Pure Abstract”, Brooklyn, NY

2005 May       Soho D&H Gallery NY

2004 Sept     SoHo D&H Gallery NY

2004 May       SoHo D&H Gallery NY


Mixed Media on Panel 48″ x 48″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 43″ x 43″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 36″ x 36″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 56″ x 76″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 36″ x 36″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 60.5″ x 60.5″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 50″ x 50″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 55″ x 75″ ...

Mixed Media on Canvas 60.5″ x 60.5″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 36″ x 36″ ...

Mixed Media on Canvas 56″ x 76″ ...

Mixed Media on Panel 60.5″ x 60.5″ ...


Acrylic on Panel 42.5″ x 62.5″ SOLD   ...

Mixed Media on Canvas 56″ x 76″ SOLD ...

Mixed Media on Panel 60.5″ x 60.5″ SOLD ...

Acrylic, Gold, on Canvas 60″ x 36″ SOLD ...

Mixed Media on Panel 50″ x 50″ SOLD ...


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Stay up to date on upcoming exhibitions & new art.

We never share your email and never will.